G2’s Net-Zero LNG $11B capital efficient project will economically deliver a net-zero energy supply to meet the world’s growing demand for more energy with less carbon.

G2 Net-Zero LNG is an energy products company based in Louisiana. G2, in partnership with several global energy innovators including Siemens Energy Inc., 8 Rivers/NET Power, and EJM Associates LLC, will be building the world’s first Net-Zero LNG export and industrial gas production complex. Led by G2 Chairman Charles E. (Chas) Roemer and CEO Angele Davis, the complex will be the first to deliver a profitable portfolio of uniquely differentiated energy products while achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from the producing reservoir through to the loading dock. The company will deploy best in class technologies and innovative protocols to produce, transport, process, liquefy and export natural gas and produce industrial gases with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by as early as 2026. The $11B capital efficient project will economically deliver Net-Zero LNG as well as other net-zero energy products to meet the world’s growing challenge to provide more energy with less carbon. The G2 complex, which will be located in southwest Louisiana, will capture 4 million tons of CO2 and produce - without emissions - argon, nitrogen and electricity for sale to create lower per unit costs than traditional LNG facilities. G2’s Net-Zero LNG energy complex is a profitable, low cost, environmentally responsible new solution for meeting rapidly increasing global demand for clean energy.

G2 is committed to the development of economically and environmentally superior Net-Zero LNG energy projects. The Net-Zero LNG facility will consist of 10x1.3 MTPA trains with CAPEX of $500-$550 per million tons of capacity. The annual natural gas feedstock requirement will be 600 BCF (12 TCF over 20 years). New generation mid-scale liquefaction trains will offer shorter construction time, efficient use of capital, smaller labor force and greater utilization of U.S. manufacturing facilities and workforce.

The environmental attributes and the commitment to social equity through early community engagement of the project will streamline environmental compliance requirements and accelerate licensing relative to other LNG projects; this will reduce project costs, increase product value, and enhance the ability to attract, train and retain a high-quality workforce. All the environmental impact reduction characteristics of the export complex and the associated facilities and services -- natural gas production and processing, electricity generation and any end-use projects G2 develops -- will be identified, characterized, verified, and valued for sale in global markets. Working with the local community, the company is developing a plan to create lasting social, economic development, and infrastructure benefits for Cameron Parish and the State of Louisiana. The company will continue its outreach to develop a collaboration and workforce training plan to ensure the timely availability of skilled workers in numbers necessary to complete the project on time and on budget and then operate efficiently.

The net-zero attributes of the G2 Energy Export Complex with its integrated systems will dramatically increase the marketability of Net-Zero LNG and other products and enhance the company’s value. G2’s major differentiators and its value proposition, Net-Zero LNG from reservoir production to the dock, one of the best remaining sites in the Gulf of Mexico, state of the art technologies, commitment to social equity and community, the ability to produce a range of high-value products at its export complex, and its world-class development team – makes G2’s Net-Zero LNG investment opportunity that is without peer in the growing LNG global export market.